Anna Ant, labeled The Fashionista, is one of the main protagonists in Best Beasties.



Anna is very generous and has a keen eye for fashion. She disguises Pamela to hide her from the WH students' ridicule, and she comes up with the idea of handing out pony ears and tails. Anna also likes doting on the human-turned-puppy Spike, finding him "so adorable" and letting him sleep in her lap at the Sweetz Shop.


Anna is a slender red ant with a segmented body, red hair and purple eyes. She wears a lavender crop top, blue jeans and light blue laced platform booties.

Role in the series

In the first episode, she is the first one to approach Pamela in the school. She disguises her with a dress and a wig to prevent the students' ridicule over her. Later she is seen making dresses for her friends

In the fifth episode, she is first seen raising money to help raise Camp Evermore. She is later seen to create a music video for the school dance music video contest.


  • Anna is similar to Lola Bunny from Space Jam.
  • She is the first character to have eyeshadow.