General Gallery Transcript


[The episode begins with Sarah and her cousins were ready to the beach]

Sarah: Are you ready boys?

Kevin: Yes we are.

Bryan: Sure. No worries.

Sarah: Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Sand toys? Check.

Kevin: Hey Sarah, are you ready?

Sarah: Yeah, oh Kevin should we go to the beach?


[Bella sees her laughing with Sarah]

Sarah: Hi Bella, are you ready to go?

Bella: Yeah, i know.

Sarah: Let’s go!

Bella: Good one! [laughing]


[Sarah and her friends are going ready for the beach]

Kevin: Here we are.

Brenda: Wow! The beach! Bella why do you called red belly beach?

Bella: I hope so.

Pamela: If you wear sunscreen for delicate skin for hot sun.

Gerald: Well if it’s summer side.

Stuart: Yeah.

Kevin: [Drinking then whispers] Ahhh.. Sarah is Bella going to play beach ball?

Sarah: I see.

Kevin: [Whispers] Just a game.

Sarah: Yeah

Gerald: I wanna play some games.

Bella: Hey Gerald, do you wanna play beach ball?

Gerald: Beach ball, what's beach ball?

Bella: It's a game and i'll show you first.

Beach Ball

[Bella and her beach ball with Gerald]

Bella: This is the beach ball.

Gerald: Pretty and so what if i do?

Bella: I'll toss it you and you toss it back. Here we go! [Bella and her beach ball catches Gerald]

Gerald: I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I- [Gerald closes with beach ball in sand]

Bella: [Worried] Oh my gosh! Gerald, are you okay?!

Gerald: I'm okay. What's next?

Bella: Boogie board from Kevin.

Brenda: Yes Kevin, you can surf with waves right?

Kevin: Yeah. [Gasps] I know surfing. let's go!

Bella: Yes you can.

Kevin: I do.

Pamela: Surf it Kevin, surf it.

Surf Board

[Music begins with Kevin to surf all of waves]

Kevin: Hey guys look at me i'm surfing like this. Ready?!

Surfing on the Boogies

[Song: Surfing on the Boogies]

[Summer song begins]

KevinSurfing in the lifeguard to the beach, take in the waves from boogie board.

Surfing on the Boogies on the beach day, summer on a paradise from the sea from the ocean.

Information from the lifeguard, summers from the sand, Surfing on the Boogies on summer side, beach is all the water waves on the ocean, surfing on the boogies.

[Summer song ends]


[Now Kevin is already done]

Sarah: Well done Kevin!

Kevin: well done you to Sarah!

Mandy: What are we gonna do?

Bella: Beach dance party.

Bella and Mandy: [Laughing]

Sunset from the Beach

[Kevin is crying from the beach]

Sarah: Oh Kevin, what happened?

Kevin: [Crying] The sun is going down when it's horrible.

Sarah: Don't worry it's glorious day in the beach.

Bryan: One more thing for the beach days.

Daniel: It's time for beach dance party!

Sarah and Bella: Yay, we did it! All the best beach dance party! Let's dance! Woo-ooo!

Mandy, Pamela, Gerald and Brenda: Ready?!

Sarah, Kevin and Bella: Yes we are!

[Everybody dancing]

Brenda: How is your dance Bella?

Bella: i'm sure. [Laughing]

Home for Evening

[Beach is over but it's nighttime]

Bella: Here you go Daniel, home sweet home.

Daniel: It's night time sure, are you good?

Bella: Yeah.

Brenda: Bella it evening right?

Bella: Sure, why not.

[The episode ends]