Best Beasties is an American comedy series following the high school lives of animals. It is first teased in March 18, 2018


The series is set on a high school called Wildlife High, and centers around the everyday lives of anthropomorphic animals with different personalities.


The first characters are teased in March 18, 20, 22, and 23, 2018.

  • Pamela Panther (voiced by Tara Strong) - A bright and bubbly panther who is a go-getter of the school, she loves her friends and family, she loves exercising. She will be one of the main characters when it airs.
  • Al Gator (voiced by Dan Povenmire) - An adventurous alligator who loves movies, he studies science and hates horror movies.
  • Anna Ant (voiced by Kath Soucie) - A friendly and sweet ant who loves fashion and is a fashion designer. She will be one of the main characters when it airs.
  • Enrique Tigrillo (voiced by Gael García Bernal) - A cool tiger cat from Mexico. He is very confident on very sticky situations and always lends a helping paw.
  • Jennifer Raven (voiced by Olivia Olson in seasons 1 and 3, Britt McKillip in season 2-present) - A gothic and moody raven who loves watching Vampire Drama and is a secret Sparkly Princess Unicorns fan. She will be one of the main characters when it airs.
  • Randall “Randy” Webster (voiced by Kel Mitchell) - An enthusiastic, blunt, and sharp-tongued spider who is a fan of singer, Jasper Beliver and always a helper in every way.
  • Fiona Frog (voiced by Cree Summer) - A wild frog who loves Rock 'N' Roll and a rockstar wannabe. She is sercretly a fan of Birds N Flibs and always cares for her friends.
  • Jason Brownbear (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A bear who loves to flirt with girls and loves to dance to disco songs. He always wanted to get attention of girls but backfired afterwards.
  • Brenda Hopscotch (voiced by Ariel Winter) - A shy and timid rabbit who has a passion for animals. She has everyone's back in every dangerous situation.
  • Gerald Gecko (voiced by Richard Horvitz) - An energetic gecko who never gives up, except when it comes to classes. He always make the best of things but sometimes make anything worse.
  • Stuart Squirrel (voiced by Andrew Francis) - A rebellious and obstreperous squirrel, Stuart is a slacker among the other animals, preferring to chill out and play the ukulele than listen to the rules.
  • Bella Busybee (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald) - A studious bee, Bella is one of the smartest students of the school who gets high grades and really fails.
  • Olga Owl (voiced by Catherine Taber) - An owl who always stays calm in the face of danger.
  • Bryan Beaver (voiced by Jack McBrayer) - A beaver who loves to paint pictures. He also tends to paint whatever is happening, which is shown when he painted a picture in less than three seconds to capture the moment of Warren's old friends wanting to help.
  • Kevin Koala (voiced by Marc Thompson) - A sleepy koala who always sleeps during unnecessary times..
  • Mandy Macaw (also voiced by Kath Soucie) - A beautiful, ditzy blonde and valley girl macaw who shows
  • talents in fashion designing, lock-picking, and wood-carving on occasion.
  • Penny Pig (voiced by Alanna Ubach) - A party-loving, sugar addictive pig who always loves to make everyone smile at every situation.
  • Hope Hamster (voiced by Samuel Vincent) - A cowardly hamster who always freak out in unnecessary times.
  • Bernice Monarch (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - A fashionable butterfly who always take a fashion to wear.
  • Thaddeus "Tad" Shellson (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - An arrogant, impatient and unwitty turtle who knows all the lucky charms.
  • Bianca Vamps (voiced by Kathleen Barr) - A cool girl who enjoys shopping for vintage fashions at the mall.
  • Luke Stripes (voiced by Ben Schwartz) - A DJ of the school. His favorite activity is being a DJ where he produces dance music.
  • Keith Catsmith (voiced by Ian James Corlett) - A fashion showoff. He is Anna's role model and known for his strutting poses and cool dance moves.
  • Celia Slitherson (voiced by Janyse Jaud) - A snake who is known to be a tomboy. She is fierce and upholding, but is known to be feral when someone touches her in the wrong hands. 

Animals whose names aren't confirmed yet

  • Kitty cat
  • Angry bird
  • Spanish dog
  • Passionate jaguar

BTS whose names aren't confirmed yet also

  • Super curious
  • Passionate puppy (Yellow hoody)
  • Thinker koala
  • Masked dancing pony (Dancing machine)
  • Kind alpaca
  • Yummy-head
  • Pinkish tough bunny (Tough bunny)
  • Space robot




Additional voices


  • Most of the characters will have returning voice actors from films and previous series.
  • Some of the characters will have accents.
  • The first season reunited Dan Povenmire and Olivia Olson, who previously voiced Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz from the fellow Disney show, Phineas and Ferb.
    • The series also reunited Gael García Bernal and Alanna Ubach, voicing Héctor and Imelda from the 2017 film, Coco.
  • Three of of the characters bear some resemblances to other characters from other franchises.
    • Pamela bears some resemblance to Maguro Maki from Sushi Pack.
    • Bella bears some resemblance to Nazz Katzenberg from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
    • Jennifer bears some resemblance to Lucy Loud from The Loud House.