This is a list of the original (American English) voice actors (or cast) who have voiced characters in Best Beasties. The list is sorted by character name, then alphabetically. The credit is for speaking voices, or singing voices if noted in parentheses.


Character Voice Actor First Seen Quote
Bertha Busybee Ashleigh Ball Life with 25 Siblings "Gotcha!"
Brenda Hopscotch Andrea Libman A New Animal at School "Are you the new girl?"
Aaron Wombat Ian James Corlett "Hello! My name is Aaron! Welcome to Wildlife High!"
Stuart Squirrel Andrew Francis "You gonna get it!"
Hafizah Hummingbird Kate McKinnon "This is Hafizah and welcome to Wildlife High!"
Hana Hornet Courtney Shaw "Kevin, is this you?"
Rachel Red Panda Chantal Strand "Oh, Monsieur Kevin, my name is Rachel."
Mandy Macaw Ariel Winter "It's not complicated, just take time."
Melissa Manakin Teresa Gallagher "I'm Melissa. Welcome to Wildlife High."
Kyle Kitty Sam Lavagnino "Has it matter a fact?"
Gerald Gecko Richard Steven Horvitz "I'm Gerald! Welcome to Wildlife High!"
Sarah Scrub-jay Tara Strong "Hello, my name is Sarah! This is the new girl! Welcome to Wildlife High!"
Ally Aardvark Blair Dinucci "Are you okay?"
Yaya Yak Brenda Crichlow "This new girl isn't in this school but is very concentrated for an animal to follow rules."
Ginger Giraffe Cristina Pucelli "Hi! Welcome to Wildlife High! I'm Ginger Giraffe. What's your name?"
Beth Busybee Camila Cabello "Welcome to Bella's room. I'm Bella's sister, Beth."
Bonnie Busybee "I'm the oldest of the family."
Fiona Frog Cree Summer "Psst. Hey there, panther gal. My name is Fiona. What's a predator doing at a crummy school like this?"
Al Gator Dan Povenmire "Welcome to the science lab. Say you look very different"
Kyla Kitten Debi Derryberry Hard As a Sister's Day "I'm Kyla. New kid in school."
Lana Lemur Dinah Jane House of Lemurs "Oh, are you guys here to talk about it?"
Bella Busybee Erin Fitzgerald A New Animal at School "Oh, hi! Welcome to Wildlife high."
Stella Busybee Erin Mathews Life with 25 Siblings "Ooh! Where? Huh?"
Becky Busybee Fiona Hogan "I hate that kid already."
Hugo Busybee Gavin Langelo "Oh! I love matchmaking!"
Marvin Groot Aubree Young Marvelous Marvin "Get it?"


Character Voice Actor Dubs over
Al Gator Bang Seong-joon (방성준) Dan Povenmire
Beth Busybee Cho Hyeon-jeong (조현정) Camila Cabello
Ally Aardvark Choi Moon-ja (최문자) Blair Dinucci
Kevin Koala Hyeon Gyeong-su (현경수): Marc Thompson
Gerald Gecko Im Chae-heon (임채헌) Richard Steven Horvitz
Bonnie Busybee Jeong Yu-mi (정유미) Camila Cabello
Randy Webster Jeon Jung-kook (전정국) Kel Mitchell
Ginger Giraffe Kim Hyeon-ji (김현지) Cristina Pucelli
Sydney Busybee Kim Ki-hyeon (김기현) Danny Pudi
Harold Busybee Kim Myeong-jun (김명준) Peter New
Hector Busybee Kim Nam-joon (김남준) Matt Hill
Yaya Yak Kim Sang-hyeon (김상현) Brenda Crichlow
Lana Lemur Kim Seok-jin (김석진) Dinah Jane
Scott Busybee Kim Tae-hyung (김태형) Vincent Tong
Brett Busybee Richard Ian Cox
Brenda Hopscotch Lee Ji-young (이지영) Andrea Libman
Sarah Scrub-jay Heoung Chae-Seoyoung (지영) Tara Strong