Fiona Frog, labeled The Rockstar, is a recurring character in Best Beasties.



Fiona is very happy, wild, caring, and easily the loudest sibling of the entire family. What she likes most is singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family.

She will get upset if someone turns off her music, and in some cases, she will get agitated by her sibling.

She sometimes gets depressed when her family isn't with her, or when she upsets her sibling.

Physical Appearance

Fiona is a slender frog with green skin, pink eyes and green hair. She has a purple star in her left eye and wears a purple torn and sewn back shirt, black spiked bracelets, blue jean shorts and pink knee high boots.

In "The Time We Were Young", she had a completely different wardrobe as a girly girl, before becoming a rocker. Originally, she had longer hair that went down to her shoulders, extra eyelashes, a girlish light purple shirt, pink earrings, a blue square-patterned skirt, white socks, with orange stripes worn high and black Mary Jane shoes.

Role in the series

Before she became interested in rock music, Fiona is a shy, gentle and classy girly girl, who is interested in classical music. She has her violin and doing her violin concerto. After her first concert, she developed an interest in rock music. She is a big fan of several rock groups, and her dream is to become a rockstar.


  • Unlike real frogs, her hands are not webbed.
  • She is inspired by Luna Loud from The Loud House.
    • Both are used to be classical girls before they were interested in rock music.
    • Both have families.
    • Both wear purple outfits. However Luna's clothes are mostly purple, while Fiona only has a purple shirt.
  • Fiona's beta design shows her lightning bolt earrings. The earrings are actually the idle of Lightning, a character from Battle from BFDI.