This article lists the first line said for each character.



Image Character First Line Episode
Bailey Busybee "Ugh, Beth! Get in the game!" Life with 25 Siblings
Belinda Busybee "Of course you didn't." Life with 25 Siblings
Bella Busybee "Oh, hi! Welcome to Wildlife High." New Animal in School
Bertha Busybee "Gotcha!" Life with 25 Siblings
Beth Busybee "Go..."
Betty Busybee "Whatever. You win some, you lose some."
Bob Busybee "What are you a dictionary?"
Bonnie Busybee "This calls for some chase music!"
Bradley Busybee "Offer to share a healthy and delicious kelp smoothie!"
Bree Busybee "Oh my gosh, I won!"
Brett Busybee "Read her a poem."
Brooke Busybee "Yeah, what's the sitch?"
Harold Busybee "I hate her already."
Hector Busybee "Tennis balls aren't the only ones with lines."
Hillary Busybee "Hmm. Let me think about it."
Honey Busybee "Neither do you, that's why we're helping."
Howard Busybee "I can't believe how much of a scaredy cat Woody is, he's so uncool."
Hugo Busybee "Look guys, I captured the moment in oils, I call it "Portrait of a clueless girl being saved by her Siblings"."
Sally Busybee "But what if your plan doesn't work?!" 
Sarah Busybee "I think your chakras need some, like, realignment, Sid."
Scott Busybee "I don't think it's worth it."
Sid Busybee "What's the use? Life's just an endless stretch of misery. Occasionally brightened by despair."
Stella Busybee "Why are you dressed like a hoodlum from the wrong side of the forest?"
Sunny Busybee "Goo goo"
Sydney Busybee "Tell us everything about her."