Hafizah Hummingbird (formerly Hafizah Najib), labeled The Passions and Talents, is a main character in Best Beasties.



Hafizah is a fashion designs, from talents and summer times. in "It's Summer Time." Hafizah wants to the beach from episode in "Beach Bummers".

She wants a sibling by Hana Najib from Hafizah's new sibling. Hafizah is caring by Kyle. She is the one of the hummingbird.

Physical Appearance

Hafizah is a slender hummingbird, with a white flower on a right side and earrings, green long hair, she wears a light green and green crop top covering a green torn back crop top under neath, a green skirt and green high heels.

Role in the series

Hafizah appears in the first episode noticing Kyle if she is a new girl fashion designs in the show.

She is seen in sixteenth episode but wait from Marvin by Kyle and Syafi if Brenda shows Marvin fundraising Marvelous Marvin.


  • If she has a girl by Hafizah.
  • But girl wants Kyle Kitty and Gerald Gecko.
    • Hafizah is similar to Stella from The Angry Birds Movie.