"Information of Athenianland" is a song from "Life at Athenianland". it is sung by Gerald, Fiona, Kevin, Rachel, Daniel, Pamela, Sarah, Kyle, Brenda and Mandy.


[Windy Music plays]

Sarah: It was a safe and sound and sometimes of crowd, anything you want?

Kevin: Something is all of me, now it is all of this.

Brenda: Now anything is all be okay, maybe is greek.

Mandy: Imformation of athenianland, because it's greek to me.

Rachel: What's all something to do, i'm not doing it. Information of athenianland.

Kyle: Maybe should we send the greek? Athens of all of greek.

Pamela: Since, well of least doing something of greek, never things to do.

Daniel: Let's go to the greek, maybe it is.

Mandy: Where can we find at the greekland? Maybe it's all always play.

Gerald: How about Information of greek? Now maybe it's so windy.

Brenda: Well, think it over of all the time, it's dangerous.

Sarah: I can doubt it from Information of athenianland.

Fiona: Information of athenianland. Now it's greek to me.

[Windy Music ends]