Jennifer Raven, labeled The Goth, is one of the protagonists in Best Beasties.


Official Description

Jennifer loves all things spooky and dark. She can usually be found reciting her moody poetry or sharing her morbid point of view. 


Jennifer is a gloomy, cynical, deadpan, and mysterious goth girl, who is almost always sporting a stoic frown. She is interested in occultism, poetry, and the works of Gothic authors, like Edgar Allen Poe and Lovecraft. Some of her friends refer her as a "spooky" girl. She frequently uses words to describe her actions, such as saying the word "Sigh" instead of actually sighing. The reason for her gloomy and miserable persona is because she feels left out that nobody listens to her and everyone thinks she's weird (despite their obvious quirks).

Though typically rather gloomy, she is shown to be happy on several occasions. She squeals and giggles in "The Meddler", along with her sisters, upon learning of Pamela's romantic situation. Also in some other episodes she can be seen smiling from time to time (as opposed to her usual smirking), like in "The Money Finders", where she is joyfully celebrating the money finding with her other friends, and in "An Intense Debate", where she is happy that she gets the option to go to "Marine Life Beach". She is also shown to be rather compassionate, as she shows sympathy for Pamela's dilemmas, and always shows her appreciation for her kindness.

Physical Appearance

Jennifer is a slender raven with black-grey feathers, purple hair, a grey beak and grey eyes that have blueish-black eyeshadow. She wears a purple v-neck dress with grayish white sleeves and thigh high grayish white boots.

Role in the series

Jennifer had appeared in the first episode of Best Beasties. She haven't noticed Pamela throughout the episode until the end of the episode where she befriended her after she heard her poems.

She is desperately wanting to become normal throughout the first season. But in the season 2, she started to know who she is and lives her new life.


  • She bears some resemblance to Lucy Loud from The Loud House. Which is why she is the protagonist in Best Beasties, along with Pamela and Bella.
  • When she is 15, she wants to be an "undertaker by day, vampire by night".
  • In "Misfortune of TV", it is revealed that she has voodoo dolls of Bella and Pamela.
  • She sounded like Princess Cadence in season 2.