Changes have occured frequently in Best Beasties. Whether it being a change in voice actor, or the voice becoming slightly higher pitched or lower, the character having a permanent appearance change, or the character gets a new appearance.

Female Bodies

During the first season, all of the girls have rectangular figures. However in the second season, they were later changed to hourglass figures.

Brenda Comparison

A comparison between the first and second seasons of the female bodies.


The characters’ voice change frequently in every season of the series. Some of them had their voice actors changed (e.g. Jennifer’s original actress, Olivia Olson is replaced by Britt McKillip), while others have theirs higher or deeper.

Eye Colors

Most of the characters have colors to distingush them easily. But their eye colors change shades throughout the series. For example, Anna’s eyes are lavender in the first season and are later changed to violet in the second season.


The names have been changed throughout the series. For example, Beth was originally named Beulah in the original concept, then it was later scrapped to be changed to the former name.