Mandy Macaw, labeled The Ditz, is a recurring character in Best Beasties.



Mandy is a pretty and marvelous. She likes to take a picture for a camera.

She loves taking a talent shows for Kevin Koala. In "Smile For The Party". In "Ready For The Royal Routine", she wants a picture for talents for the camera from performance.

Physical Appearance

Mandy is a slender macaw with red skin, blue eyes, green and blue hair. She wears a blue crop top, dark blue skirt and lavender boots.

Role in the series

in episodes Mandy is a girl from designs in "For the People, By the People", she loves Kevin Koala in "Love That Koala". if she can go with Marvin in "Marvelous Marvin", if Kevin just only care with Mandy.


  • Because she is the oldest student in school.
  • Mandy is similar to Sofia from Sofia the First.
  • Somtimes she even smile from fashions and talents.