Sarah Scrub-jay, labeled The Fashion Design, is a minor character  in Best Beasties.



Sarah appears like a designs and fashions with talent shows. Sarah shows a fashion design to wear.

She needs to take a show during a fashionista.

In "Time For A Picture!" She designs a dress during a talents, fashions and fabrics. In "Pretty." Sarah take a fashion to design of dress.

Physical Appearance

Sarah is a slender scrub-jay with a blue hair light blue feathers and yellow beak. She wears a blue collared sweater with a blue ribbon and a headband, blue eyes, white earrings, light blue crop top, royal blue skirt and light blue heels.

Role in the series

She is the sixteenth episode she wants her sibling from Kyle Kitty, if Enrique can meet Sarah and Gerald. "Marvelous Marvin".


  • Which one is the sibling like Stephanie Fitzgerald.
  • Sarah is the girl in the scrub-jay.
    • Sarah is similar to La Petite Ballerina from Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale.